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The Mission Continues

Members of the Mission Continues Service Platoon

Recently, more than 100 veterans came together in Atlanta, Georgia as the newest recruits of the Mission Continues Fellowship and Service Platoon Programs. The Mission Continues has empowered thousands of post 9/11 veterans who are adjusting to life at home after service by getting them involved with community impact programs. The veterans are assigned to a service platoon, a team of veteran and non-veteran volunteers that mobilize to solve specific needs in their community and hopefully inspire new generations to serve.

Affordable Equity Partners will be joining platoons throughout 2016 in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri and Atlanta, Georgia. AEP is committed to helping veterans by not only providing affordable housing for veterans who may need it, but also serving them within their communities. Partnership with the Mission Continues helps to achieve these goals.  Charlene Johnson, Director of Business Development for AEP serves as a member of the Leadership Committee of the Mission Continues and will be organizing AEP’s involvement throughout the year.


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